Painting for over 20 years, Weil's work is distinctive for its bold use of color. Unabashed and expressive, Weil's zest for people and life emerges clearly in bright works thick with paint. Weil has also been working in bronze, iron and clay transforming his iconography into 3D.

Weil is the Co-Founder of the River North Art District otherwise known as RiNo. Weil 's studio is at Weilworks. See the space between thought and art. Located in River North - This breakthrough art space hosts a regular series of contemporary exhibitions and events.

The Weilworks Gallery boasts three stories of exhibition space, including a 1,000-square-foot first floor gallery, a second floor art landing, and Denver’s first Exhibition Tower offering inspiring views of downtown Denver and the Front Range.

Weil also works as a public artist. From colorful murals to transforming his 2D iconography into 3D, Weil likes to work big! Along with using more traditional methods like painting and bronze, Weil is working in eco friendly materials such as nontoxic paints, eco-Resin and recycled concrete. Weil's giant works are also available in fiberglass, steel or aluminum. Weil works with civic agencies, corporations or developers looking to add monumental works to their projects.

Weil is also an Art District Consultant. He's helped the City of Lakewood and the neighborhood communities on the creation of their new 40 West Arts District. Weil has also served as a district consultant for the Aurora Cultural Arts District helping activate this vibrantly diverse district on East Colfax.

If you'd like a studio tour or are interested in buying some work please call the studio at 303-308-9345 or send an email to