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Artist Lecture at California State University - Feb 28th

Growing Tomatoes and Growing Community 
with Tracy Weil
Thur Feb 28 @ 12pm
 in ARTS 240

Tracy Weil is a Denver based artist who works in paint, sculpture, public art, web design, and arts organizing. Best known for his colorful paintings, Weil’s work is expressive, whimsical, and features rural and urban landscapes with iconic creatures.  His recent work was inspired by the urban agriculture movement and his experience working in organizing arts districts. In conjunction with his public lecture, Weil's work will be on display in the CSUSM Restaurant Row Gallery during the month of March. 

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Art Exhibit 
Exhibit: Mar 1- Apr 7

CSUSM Art Gallery
1080 San Marcos Blvd., STE 185

San Marcos CA 92078

Gallery Hours: Fridays & Saturdays 5-8pm.

Tickets are not required for the exhibit.
 Tickets only required for the artist talk on 2/28.